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Lease Terms


Us (Eska Rent a Car) and lessees (customers) in the current General Conditions in Rental and Car Delivery

You are agreeing to our Rental Conditions By signing this contract. Please read carefully. You can ask the staff office rental if you do not understand the subject by you. If specify them before finalizing a complaint if you have questions about your lease or rental agreement when you return. If you do not find answers to your questions in the office for any reason, rental and you can not solve your problem, from our contact phone and address can reach us within 45 days. Eska Rent a Car will not accept any liability for failure to comply with this procedure.



the vehicle, it is your responsibility, along with accessories and switches. Keep locked up in every situation you can use the tool and you have been given or vehicle-mounted safety device available to use it. you must protect the vehicle against bad weather conditions that could cause damage. Be sure to use the correct and proper fuel. Check the oil level and tire to keep the level required.

b) safely, it is your responsibility to use the vehicle and road conditions, obeying the speed limit.

As long as the lease, as the location of the owner of the vehicle, the car should use Highway No. 2918 dated 13.10.1983, obeying the traffic laws and traffic rules No. 26901. any offense will then occur, parking tickets, traffic fines are the responsibility of the leak OGS and KGS pass is yours. In addition, if requested from you, you are responsible for your Holiness and to give all requested information about additional drivers on your side. This information is the responsibility of all of you and you do not fully complete by the case. Due to the requirement set forth in this paragraph, the car rental contract will remain in force until it is returned to us.

d) vehicle bridges and potholes as hitting the lowest level place, because it is used in this place with all the damage that will result from its use and the sandy terrain vehicle engines or other parts of the responsibility for the damage caused by water entering belongs to you. You will need to do any modifications to the vehicle. Installing Ceiling port luggage or bicycles are not allowed to transport suspended.

e) any part of the vehicle and can not sell, rent, or you can not pull the hand. You really know their legal rights on any person in the vehicle and you may not assign your right.

On the dashboard to be seen if any warning light is lit or low fat levels, please contact us immediately.

you must not allow any person to work on the car without any written permission. If we give you approval, expenditures for work performed will be paid to you if you documentation.

g) If you detect any problems about the tool you need to warn us immediately.

h) vehicle location we agree with you in advance, you need to bring in our normal working hours. By controlling the condition of the vehicle, our employees must be received or seen by people who we authorize. If the vehicle status you if we agree with you on how to return outside working hours If you are or tool to be able to control, by whom we authorize or our employees until the determination of the case you will be responsible for any losses arising in the period.

i) Due to changes made outside our car in the approval, expenses are going to do to return the lease before the state (for example, extra repair time or required materials and tools) or you have to pay an acceptable damage costs, in case of damage to the vehicle.

before returning the vehicle to check whether any of your personal belongings.

k) or Tools in the way mentioned above must comply with the maximum speed limit.


Hiring in the end, be sure to check whether any of your personal belongings in the vehicle. In the car, we do not accept liability for any forgotten personal belongings.


Vehicle only by you, by the additional driver mentioned on the contract or to be used by people we allow our writing. The person using the vehicle absolutely must have a valid license.

You should definitely mentioned on other drivers or contracts to the following topics:

You should not use the vehicle for illegal work.

To race car to speed, you should use the tool to test the strength and speed, and to teach the driving to someone else.

Tool, you should not use alcohol or drugs while under the influence.

You must use the vehicle outside the borders of Turkey as long as we do not allow writing.

You passenger transport capacity on the specified person in the vehicle.

You and other drivers should not use specified on the contract to take another vehicle or property unless we consent in writing.


Our fee is automatically determined by computer and announced where you rent a vehicle and charges are mentioned on the delivery slip vehicle. You will pay the following fees.

a) rental and other fees specified in this vehicle delivery receipt.

b) Article 2 of "Your Responsibilities" section in charge arising from compliance with the rules specified, loss, damage, expense, cost, or the sum of liabilities.

Gas filling service charge; Rental beginning of our fuel in case you need to bring us back to the levels we provide. Fee, Vehicle Delivery Receipt of the above mentioned amount, or the current pump price by adding a 25% service fee will be charged.

d) All tolls (bridges, highways, ferries, etc.), standby pay, traffic fines and parking or other traffic court costs arising from crime (that arise from vehicle to connect costs are also covered) and vehicle damage that may arise in case of confiscation.

(i) any penalties or fees claimed by an organization.

(ii) speed limit excess penalties. Upon request we will provide information about your organization and we will forward a copy of the traffic ticket receipt.

the transition costs, we have to pay for the costs or penalties occur, the price we pay for as well as the management and administration costs for dealing with these issues because we both charged additionally.

e) Rental Vehicle Condition output not specified whether or not you and your criminal damage repair costs in the report, vehicle renewal fee stolen vehicle, rental insurance will occur in the direction indicated in the initial charges.

f) In case of theft of user time to repair the damage caused by errors or tool while we wait for the payment of the price of the vehicle (45 days) the loss of use of the corresponding fee. You only our costs of losses covered by insurance, we will charge over standard daily rate.

g) damages that may arise due to any reason detained by the security forces of the vehicle and the vehicle can not rent it charges days.

h) fees that may arise to take the vehicle to deliver and delivery.

i) to pay your debt on time from 4% monthly penalty is applied, and according to the conditions of the Central Bank of the day, this rate is adjusted for monthly interest rates on loans.

KDV and other taxes applied to wages above-mentioned (additional taxes as declared KDV rate changes or photos)

k) if the speed limit due date of the return or extradition has been projected for emerging and Eske Rent a Car vehicles have transferred responsibility for all costs, even to another, you are responsible for all charges.


Eska car you have rented from Rent a Car is fully insured.

If we apply a different insurance than those listed here, these requirements regarding insurance coverage and will also transmit information. Unless otherwise stated, we stated our program here Insurance and Damage Protection conditions will apply. Car Delivery signing the plug, you agree to these substances.

2% of the value of the insurance agent you have hired any accident will be paid by the customer.

As regards insurance against third parties is our legal obligation. As a result of an accident, you hurt a person, to kill you if you give them material injury or property, you benefit covered by insurance limits specified in the picture. (Limits the scope in Traffic in damage to the property insurance is valid.)


Any information that you provide for us on this bike, get a reservation, we decide if we'll add to our client list, in accordance with the conditions specified in, and rental contract to get paid, the car you kullanımınızdayk and may arise after returning you agree that we may use to investigate issues that require follow-up.

We may use the information you have given us in market research studies. If you violate the lease conditions, we can register it for use in making decisions about our future with you. This information, credit rating agencies, police and traffic police, according to information about the institution and you you owe with other organizations to decide is whether you can is their customer and (TOKKDER is) we can share with the Association of All Car Rental Agencies.

Whether to give you any other organization tools you agree that we may collect information about your history renting your vehicle. This lease in your name and details of the additional drive, you agree we can give when requested by government agencies and the courts.


We unilaterally terminate the contract in case of non-compliance with conditions specified in the main below.

a) If you are a final consumer, in the event of timely payment of rent, the contract would be no warning and without the need for notice of termination. In this case, the tenant is obliged to return the car immediately. Failure to return the vehicle to the crime of abuse of trust in the tenants officially recognized and committed.

b) we terminate this contract unilaterally, it will not affect us to collect your debts arising from this contract. If you do not fulfill the main requirement of this agreement no additional charge from you, we reserve the right to. The tool takes you back, and we may request additional charge to you because of the development of this condition.

c) ask after the contract, although it finished though, you agree that you have to maintain the vehicle in a safe manner and to deliver to our office.


This contract will be evaluated according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. The laws of this country and in the event of any dispute ANTALYA Law Enforcement and the courts agree and declare that it is competent.


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